About us

The main purpose of Lithuanian Kidney Foundation is to provide a platform for scientists, medical doctors and chronic kidney disease patients for information and knowledge exchange, and to spread the kidney health improving ideas nationalwide.

Professor Balys Dainys and his colleaugues (Gasparas Aleksa, Natalija Bucevičiūtė, Neta Vanagienė, Elvyra Šileikienė, Aldona Kavaliauskaitė,Vida Petrauskaitė) founded the National Kidney Foundation on December 12th, 1990. The initial aim of LKF was to take care of patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease and to make the hemodialysis treatment more accesible for everyone. Later Professor Marius Miglinas initiated the annual LKF meetings, representing the hotest topics in Nephrology and kidney transplantation.